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Cooking Classes

Learn God's Recipe for Excellent Health - through a fabulous fun foodie event.

Our team does cooking classes at your church or ministry.
If you are ready to Taste and See that the Lord is good all while experiencing greater health His way - then cooking classes are on the menu.

All classes include:

Biblical Nutrition Teaching
Samples - must have!
Cooking taught with the key tips everyone can learn

These classes are:
These classes are:







Class Examples
Class Examples

How to Start Feeding Your Family Well - Learn the basics of transforming lives into feeling amazing

Knead More Bread, includes ancient grains

Going Green - How to add more veggies for a healthy, energetic life

Fabulous Fruits & Smoothies

Whole Grains - What Makes Them Great

The Meat of the Matter -  Learn the basics of buying, cooking and adding healthy proteins into the diet.

The Woman's Diet - How to feel your best, look your best and enjoy your best day!

The Kid's Diet - How to feed kids today for a healthy tomorrow.

Cooking & Nutrition Classes
Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy
Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy

Have you noticed children today are born sicker than ever before? Add in the high increase of infertility and it is apparent we are dealing with a lack of knowledge. Join Annette Reeder as she shares important tips for creating a healthy environment for a healthy child.

No matter if this is your first pregnancy or your sixth pregnancy - this information is key to having a healthy baby. This information is also very applicable no matter what age a woman is. So those of you not yet ready to start a family, or you are a grandmother - you will gain valuable knowledge from listening in. The best time to prepare for pregnancy is at least 12 months prior to conception.

Enjoy More Life Cooking Class
Enjoy More Life Cooking Class

Learn the value of God’s foods while balancing blood sugars, prevent heart disease and gain more energy.

The class will be for 2-3 hours.  The class includes hands-on fun and great flavors.  These recipes will delight while teaching key cooking skills and making healthier meals.

Cooking Class Options


Feeling the knead for some homemade bread? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a hands-on class on the Bread of Life. From making all-American cinnamon rolls to Italian specialty pizza rolls, you’ll learn tips and techniques for making the best bread ever.  To top it off you will learn why Jesus compares himself to the Bread of Life. Bread that satisfies physically and spiritually.

Cooking Class Options
If you would be interested in hosting a cooking class please let us know!